V.O.L.T. (Vision of Lasting Thought) collaboration


Spiral Dance - 2018

Ceramic, oxides, gold leaf and willow

Inspired by the Paleolithic figures of the Venus of Hohle Fels and the Venus of Willendorf, I created large Mother Earth Vessels, celebrating the dance of life, a celebration of the divine feminine.  These were housed in a large spiral structure with the largest at the entrance and the smallest caged in the centre.  

This work had many layers and facets to it including the 'spiral of life'.  The spiral is a historic Celtic symbol reflecting the nature of life - we are born in the centre, we grow outwards into life and then, as we get older, we withdraw back to the centre once more.

Mama Gaia, pregnant with all of life, forever abundant and giving, untethered and wild, unashamed.  However the rich dark soil (inner spiral) is diminishing as her resources are stripped from her.  The vessels are empty as we continue our path of destruction on the earth.

2010 - present
2010 - present


The River Runs Red- 2017


Mixed Media


I have had an interest in spirituality for many years and am currently exploring the concept of the divine feminine in the form of the goddess.  I feel there is a need to balance the masculine energies of our time, to acknowledge those who were hung, drowned or demonised for their knowledge and wisdom and to rediscover that which has been lost.

The concept of a trilogy is deeply ingrained in our psyche; father, son and holy ghost; sun, moon and stars; mother, father and child; and in the goddess traditions this is reflected as the maiden, mother and crone.  Using my own, blood, sweat and tears to represent the three phases of womanhood and creating a temple space with sculptures of the goddess in a variety of mediums, I have provided a quiet space to contemplate the once forbidden feminine path.

Bringing a temple into a church is my way of acknowledging that many ancient sacred sites were built upon as Christianity developed as the main religion.  It is my way to pay homage to the women and girls murdered as witches and harridans but who were most often healers and wisdom keepers.


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