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'Missing' was inspired by a news article and subsequent research into the trafficking of Romanian women and girls into the sex industry.  


Often abducted as teenagers and sexually abused until they are eighteen when they are transported around Europe where they are popular due to their compliance.

Romania has a rich culture in folk embroidery which informed  my work  by using patterns and images used in their clothing and designs.  As the colours red and black feature heavily in their cultural work, I used these colours in my work.  This was supported by quotations and further reinforced by the highlighting of a sub text.

In addition to the main work, a secondary body of work was created which stated 'This is not the we came to do', each word interspersed with an illustration of a euphemism for a sexual act. This came from the number who enter Europe seeking, or on the promise of legitimate work, only to find themselves trafficked into the sex industry. 

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