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-morphic a journey in colour, texture, light and shade

So excited to be working on my first exhibition. It's going to be an intense few weeks as I'm looking to create an installation around the divine feminine based on the concept of the goddess so lots of 3D work to get under my belt. I was hoping to create four different goddesses carved in wood however time is against me (as they take around 10 days full time working to complete each one). I will also be including an interesting take on the female trilogy of maiden, mother and crone. My concept is to honour those women who were burned, hung or drowned for following a pagan or goddess path and it will be a womb like space for reflection and honouring of feminine energy.

I'm working together with a group of artists who are working in a variety of media with topics ranging from nature and decay, human anatomy, different cultures.

Exhibition is at St Wulfram's Church, Grantham from the 14th June (opening night 5-8) and then 15th to 21st 10am until 4pm (except the Saturday afternoon when there is a wedding).

For more information on the other exhibitors, step over to

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